1. Mehrvarzan Darman Co. (MEDCO ) has been starting its activity with the aim of export development in the field of pharmaceutical and medical necessaries since 2002. This company has been succeeded to take effective actions in the field of introduction, registration, export of API and pharmaceutical products in the international markets. This procedure has been accompanied with assessment along with the recognition of necessities of regional markets with considering potency of Iranian manufacturers in producing high quality products which have international standards and also using of capacity & abilities of its active staff as well. Also, this company is able to register the manufacturers and their products in the target countries for export with obtaining official representative according to the regulations and criterions of these countries. In addition to perfect cooperation of MEDCO and IFDA, this company as an active member of the Syndicate of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries with cooperation of manufacturing companies has achieved to take necessary actions for registration and export of products related to twenty Iranian companies in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, UAE, Nigeria, Somalia, and … MEDCO has ISO 9001:2008 certificate and has registered its branch in the same name in Iraq and is active at present.